The Anchorage 1770, Beaufort, South Carolina

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When driving into Beaufort, no matter which direction you are coming from, you must cross over several bridges with expanse marsh and water views. This is what initially made me exclaim, “I want to live here!”  The views these bridges allow are some of the prettiest I have ever seen. After living here for one year, I still cannot believe this is the place we now call home. When I was in college, the first place I would drive to when I came back to Miami during breaks, was Biscayne Bay, a few blocks from my house.  Seeing, smelling and feeling salt water is the best therapy I can ever give myself.

So after living in Atlanta for seventeen years, a move to the coast was long overdue.  However, this coastal town is unlike any I had ever been to.  In Miami, there is a very small percentage of people who actually are lucky enough to have a waterfront home. Beaufort is located in the Port Royal Sound, which is an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean.  Many creeks and tributaries feed off of the river and for that reason, many of the homes in Beaufort are waterfront. We are lucky enough to live in one of these homes. Besides being able to see dolphins from my kitchen and the most unbelievable sunsets nightly, I love that one means of transportation here is by boat. We often take our boat downtown for dinner or over to friends’ houses for parties.  In fact, just last month, two couple friends of ours showed up at a black tie event by boat.  Now, that’s where I draw the line.  My daughter has a 14 year old friend who can get himself anywhere with his beat up old Boston Whaler, even if it means they have to paddle from time to time when the motor breaks down.  So for obvious reasons, most of the events, activities and get togethers are centered around the water.  My utopia! 

Upon arriving here last June, we quickly realized that the locals can turn anything into a party, and they do. We were also quickly introduced to the sandbars.  The Beaufort River is tidal, and the tides rise and fall between six and eight feet every six hours.  During low tide, huge sandbars pop up and become gathering places for boaters.  The boats anchor off the sandbar and folks gather on the “beach” with chairs and grills. The busiest sandbar in Beaufort, just happens to be across from The Anchorage.  A day at a sandbar can either be a family day of swimming, grilling and playing ball or it can be a big ole’ party with friends.  Either way, it is something the locals look forward to as the days get longer and the air gets warmer.

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