Culinary Adventures

Think Boat-to-table and Barrel-to-table, too

Partly out of necessity and partly out of pride, the traditions of small family farms and coastal fishing never disappeared from Beaufort as they did in bigger towns. This great bounty of glistening seafood, fresh produce and sumptuous pork is the springboard for Southern cuisine. Shaped by the hands of great chefs, passionate home cooks and genius vintners and spirits makers, it's an ever-changing canvass of flavors and ideas. Immerse yourself and get an insider's introduction to local producers and makers. 

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Walking Tour

Experience true Southern flavors on this fun and delicious walking tour. Your guide will take you to six local establishments where you will taste seasonal lowcountry specialties, as well as get a feel for downtown Beaufort. The tour lasts around 2 ½ hours so come hungry!

$70 per person


Not sure if you want to stroll downtown or head to the beach? Sit in waterfront park or rent kayaks and head to the sandbar? What you can be sure of is that Anchorage 1770 can put together a feast of a picnic for you to take with you. So don’t stop your adventure! We will customize your basket for your activity and palate and honor any dietary needs. Requires pre-order.

$40 for 2